Production Techniques

Engels can help you create the particular bin that fits within your transport, warehouse or production method. Our innovative state-of-mind and knowledge in the field of plastics have already led to many successful collaborations.

Plastic welding

Like metal, plastic can be welded. Engels uses several methods to achieve this.

Injection moulding

Injection moulding is manufacturing technique to make products out of plastic pellets.


Rotomoulding is an excellent way to make larger products out of one piece.

Vacuum forming

Vacuum forming is a manufacturing method to create a new product from a flat plastic plate.

Corrugated plastic packaging

Single- or double-walled containers can be folded from plastic corrugated sheet material, similar to cardboard boxes, but much stronger and more durable.

Foam engineering solutions

Design and production of protective foam interieurs. Fixates and protects valuable equipment.

Sheet metal work

Design and production of metal waste containers and metal accessories for plastic products.

Printing and marking

A clear marking on your packaging or product has great added value. It tells the content, works anti-theft and has promotion/brand value.

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