Sheet metal work

Our experienced team and modern machine park produces all kind of metal products, such as underground and semi-underground waste containers and accessories for transport bins and waste containers. All of steel.

Supported by our creative developers we can offer tailored solutions. Both adjustments and completely new products are possible.

For pallet boxes and containers, we design and produce creative accessories, to equipe them for more purposes then they were originally designed for. We can make combinations of coupling systems, lid openers and forklift trucks to deliver a customized container. If necessary, marked with a UN approval (ADR).

Our development department works with CAD Software with modules that match our machine park. For the production-oriented work of sheet metal we use a sheet metal module.

We don't only design our own waste bins, but all kind of customer specific solutions. Some examples are show cased below. We produce totally metal products, or metal with plastic panels. Do you have a question? Challenge us!

Steel above-ground waste containers have been developed entirely in-house. From conceptual design and technical development in Eindhoven to production in Selmsdorf.

Wheelie bin housing | Sentry

Durable and sturdy metal housing for wheelie bin. Ideal for the collection of organic waste at high-rise buildings.

Mobile waste containers | Pyramid & Element

Mobile containers for waste collection are a flexible solution for temporary peak times or difficult locations.

Above ground steel waste containers | Aero

No-nonsense products with a good price-quality ratio focused on quality with a simple design.

Underground waste containers | Apyra

Underground waste containers have a number of significant advantages over wheelie bins.

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