Public Services


Strong, reliable cases for an organised storage of all kind of field material, like auxiliary tools or evidence cases.

Fire brigade

Through uniform equipment each brigade can blindly find the necessary items in a container of any other brigade.

Armed forces

All necessary equipment, from ammunition to medical materials must be stored and transported to the place of deployment.


Waste collection and separation bins that provide quick and clear guidance for schools, universities and other public spaces.

By land, by sea, and in the air - for public services, Engels offers an extensive range of products and solutions.

Within the sectors encompassing public services, such as fire, police, and defense, Engels provides a comprehensive range of products dedicated to logistics. Typically, these are not standard products, but with the knowledge and experience of the Engels team, we seek customized solutions tailored to each customer's needs.

Delivering customized products is in Engels' DNA. Whether it's special plastic transport crates or packaging, we're up for the challenge.

A Small Selection
Here's just a glimpse of the solutions Engels has already delivered to various public services:

Custom-made robust plastic crates with an interior strap for stable transport. Pressurized cylinder containers created by attaching two plastic crates together and milling holes in the bottom to create compartments perfectly fitting pressurized cylinders. Curious about all the solutions we can offer? Make your selection below and judge for yourself.

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