Printing and marking

Engels can provide your totes, pallet boxes or containers with a print in various ways. For example by hot stamp printing, brandmarking, screen printing or UV printing.

Why should I use markings on my packaging?

A clear marking on your product can be of great added value in use.

  • indication of the content, by mentioning the content on the outside of the product you save a lot of unnecessary actions.
  • anti theft, by putting your logo on the container you make it clear that you are the owner of the container and it will be less likely to be taken by third parties. 
  • promotion / brand awareness, if your bin or container is used in public areas or is temporarily with your customers, consider putting your company logo on the bin.

Hotstamp printing

We prefer to print the plastic bins and pallet boxes with your name or other data by means of a hot stamp. The paint melts into the plastic and some relief is created. A hot stamp cannot be removed with solvents.

Standard letters or customer-specific cliché

By using a series of standard letters (28 and 14 mm high) a text can be formed. Or a cliché can be made of, for example, your logo. In principle, printing is possible on any flat surface. Prints can be in various basic colours.

Stickers / barcodes

We also provide printing and application of barcodes on bins, transport rollers, containers and so on. Because we usually have to guarantee 100% readability, an online quality check of every printed barcode is standard with us. We also check the pasting of barcodes (identical on both sides and no duplication).

Standard and custom stickers

Almost any marking can be made from complex color combinations to cut-out letters.

Engels has designed a series of stickers with pictograms for, among other things, waste fractions of our various waste bins, containers and separation modules based on the guidelines of the RDW. We can make deviating fractions from one piece.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a very good option if a print is to large or has to be applied on a surface a hot stamp can not reach; We use screen printing also on hollow products. A silk screen is very durable, due to the 2-component ink.

For larger series we use a sustainable screen. For smaller series it is more affordable to use plotted template sticker.

How we work:

  1. The boxes are heated so that the ink stays well attached to the surface.
  2. The screen is thoroughly cleaned so that the ink can be applied evenly.
  3. The screen is pressed on the box and the ink is applied in one pushing motion.
  4. The screen is removed from the box and the ink is placed to the starting position.

This way we can manage to make large series in a relatively short period. If the bins are to be printed on both sides, we use a roller track to dry the bins.

UV printing

Our state of the art design and print department can apply your logo, branding and full colour UV printed images directly onto your product to personalise it to your brand.

With our UV printing technology it unlocks the ability to individually label and mark your product without the added costs related with creating tradition screens for bulk printing.

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