Injection moulding

Injection moulding is a manufacturing technique to make products out of plastic pellets. These products can be a workpiece carrier, a bin or lid. The pellets are first heated and then sprayed into a mould under high pressure. After cooling down the plastic retains the shape of the mould and a new product is born.

Injection molding, from idea to totally new product

Injection molding of a totally new product is the cheapest and most versatile type of plastic processing for the production of large quantities. A complete product or semi-finished product is made almost without human work. The freedom of shaping is the largest in injection molding. Therefore, injection molding is often the right choice, despite the high investment in molds.

Injection molding with existing tools

In order to meet the needs of our customers without facing large investments, most molds from our delivery program are provided with exchangeable parts. This makes it possible to adjust bottoms, handles and sidewalls without rebuilding whole pieces of mold.

Many exchangeable parts are already available, such as various sidewalls, label holders, barcode fields, handles and perforated and / or reinforced bottoms. Starting from a production of 500 pieces we set up an optimal configuration for your customized box.

Standardized product carriers and trays

If accuracy, design or loadability impose higher demands than vacuum forms can offer, injection molding is the solution. We have invested in standardized molds for products with approximately the same external dimensions, such as product carriers and trays.

The shape of the outside is fixed, as is the stackability on other product carriers. Only the interior is customer-specific. The injection mould is constructed in a way that there is only an investment in the molding parts required. 

From small adaptation to totally new product

Alternatives in plastic

Ergonomic plastic alternative to heavy metal Philips container. Designed to be stackable with the old steel one.

Standard mould with custom-specific inner part

For a large online reseller we deliver a standard order picking bin with deepened barcode positions and a reinforced bottom on the inside.

Injection moulded product carrier

Standard product carrier 400 x 300 mm. The shape of the outside is fixed, the interior is custom made.

Standardized tray with custom interior

Standard product carrier 400 x 300 mm. The shape of the outside is fixed, the interior is custom made.

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