Insect cultivation

Insects, and in particular insect larvae, have the potential to be an efficient and high-quality protein source as an alternative to conventional animal proteins and can play a crucial role in the bio-based economy of the future. They have potential not only as waste decomposers, but also as a source of nutrition in food and feed. They provide valuable raw materials for the chemical industry. Especially the breeding of mealworms, crickets, BSF larvae, crickets and grasshoppers is a major emerging market.

Engels stimulates the opportunities in insect farming

By focusing on automation and scaling up production, the cost price can remain low and this agricultural branch is given the space to fully emerge as a fixed value within the food market. Engels supplies and develops various solutions, including trays, frames, nets and accessories, to optimize the breeding of insects.

Are you interested in breeding insects on a small or larger scale? Then you have come to the right place with us. For standard small-scale cultivation with manual feeding and harvesting or switching to semi/fully automatic cultivation, we can support you with the necessary knowledge and products.

Some growth markets are;

  • Crickets
  • Mealworms
  • Black Soldier Fly larvae
  • Worms 

Breeding of worms

Engels has the option to work with standard or custom solutions, depending on your project. For example, we developed a special rotation-shaped container. A plastic version of the wooden boxes in use especially for the cultivation of earthworms. 

Cricket farming

Various pallet boxes and trays from Engels are used for cricket farming. Cricket breeding is a circular process from egg to pinhead to adult cricket. Engels has the right solution for every phase, from standard container to custom work.

Mealworm farming

For the cultivation of mealworms, we have to see whether the work is done manually or automatically. In manual cultivation, one often opts for cultivation in stacks and/or racks. With mechanical cultivation, the boxes must be coordinated with the manufacturer of the machines. We are happy to embark on this journey together.

Black Soldier Fly larvae farming

Engels has an extensive range of solutions for small and large breeding especially for the breeding of BSF larvae. We have standard solutions for the breeding trays for eggs to larvae phase. For our own breeding of the flies for egg production, we have frames with nets, a pupa hatch box and plastic egg-laying slats. Engels supplies custom pallet boxes for the composting of organic waste by BSF larvae.

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