Collection of electrical and electronic equipment

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. E-waste must be collected and processed separately. This is because e-waste almost always contains substances that are (strongly) harmful to the environment. In recent years, an additional argument has been added: e-waste usually also contains many substances that can easily be recycled and reused.

What is considered as e-waste?

E-waste includes all equipment with a plug or that works on batteries. Common e-waste flows that your ICT has to deal with include, adapters and cables, batteries and small electronics (routers, controllers, etc.). Collect small IT equipment, cables and lamps that are broken, dated, no longer in use or discarded in cupboards, drawers and rooms and hand them in.

Recycle E-waste responsibly and you make an important contribution to the circular economy.

Together towards a circular economy

In the EU, manufacturers and importers have been made responsible for collection and processing. In other words: everyone who puts a lamp or electrical appliance on the market is automatically obliged to collect and process it. Many manufacturers and importers have gathered for this purpose within organizations to execute the collection. Engels is one of the regular suppliers of the collection materials that these collabared organizations use for the collection of all types of e-waste. You can find these collection materials at schools, retailers and other public spaces. For years, Engels has been supplying storage and transport bins and large-volume pallet boxes for the collection of energy-saving lamps, batteries, accumulators and small chemical waste to recycling companies, collectors and municipalities.

Collecting small ICT

Engels offers various collection solutions to properly organize your waste flows. Our ecomodules are particularly suitable for collecting multiple fractions of small ICT and devices at one point. Ecomodules can be put together to separate what makes sense in every environment.

Collection of larger electrical and electronic devices

Devices, such as printers, desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones make up more than 40 percent of the total ICT waste that is handed in. For the collection of these larger devices we supply pallet boxes, with or without lid. Once the pallet box is full, call your collector to empty the box.

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