In industrial supply, disposable packaging is always a technically and economically nonsensical choice. Plastic containers and pallet boxes are more often used as the basis for transport packaging within the industry. Engels Logistiek has been a specialist in the field of sustainable transport packaging for decades.

Developed with our customers

One third of the packaging supplied by us consists of customized plastic containers or plastic trays designed, produced and assembled on behalf of the customer. It often concerns an adjustment or addition to a standard product from our range, or completely new products are developed.

Engels has the production facilities, materials and resources in-house. Both when purchasing a few units, even per piece, up to and including large series productions. We have experience in producing and supervising the following disciplines:

  • Designing and project coordination of molds for injection molding, vacuum forming, rotational molding and processing of polyester.
  • Interiors/product carriers: custom foam interiors, vacuum-formed interiors, injection moulded, textile interiors and hollow-core slab.
  • Processing techniques such as: milling, sawing, welding, gluing and stapling
  • Making combinations of the materials plastic, steel, hollow core plates, foam and textile.
  • ESD safe and UN approved products
  • Chassis, wheels, couplings and tie rod systems.
  • Hinges and locks
  • Barcoding, printing and marking

Interiors are an important part of packaging

Interiors not only protect, they standardize, organize and position the high-end products of the manufacturing industry.

Our standard range for the automotive/manufacturing industry

Plastic transport bins

In order to reduce the large amount of packaging material, the VDA (Verband Der Automobilindustrie) decided in 1988 to introduce a container pool, the so-called KLT containers (KLT = Klein Ladungs Träger). The idea was good, but in the end every major brand decided to make its own version of this keg.

Shipping Units

Pallets with extension walls are a logistically interesting alternative to pallet boxes. Their load capacity is much lower, but when folded they take up much less space, they have larger internal dimensions, lower purchase costs and can easily be made with different heights.

Foldable pallet boxes

As an alternative to our one-piece pallet boxes, we also supply a wide range of foldable pallet boxes. The big advantage of this is that they save space, both for internal storage and for return transport. These pallet boxes are available in robust industrial versions and hygienic smooth versions that are easy to clean.

Pallet boxes/volume containers

We use plastic large-volume containers and pallet boxes to pack large and heavier parts. These containers are also an excellent solution for packaging larger series in one packaging. We supply these buckets in various sizes and are suitable for both light and heavy loads.

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