SCBA Cylinder Storage container

For various fire brigades in the Netherlands, Belgium and France we develloped and construct a container that is ideal for the storage and transport of heavy materials, such as breathing air cylinders. 

Especially for the fire brigade: the breathing air cylinder container

As a basis for the container we use item ref. EN-6442-0 (600x400x425mm) and ref. EN-6422-0 (600x400x225mm) or  ref. EN-6432-0 (600x400x325 mm) depending on the height of the bottle. The two containers are attached to each other, welded and stapled.

In the upper container, holes are milled in the bottom with the diameter of the compressed air bottle and a compartment divider is placed in the lower container. Depending on the diameter, 4, 5 or 6 bottles can fit in one container. The reinforced lid in combination with steel hinges makes the container a very strong product.

Our assembly department has already made several versions. Variations in height and width for bottles or other heavy cylindrical items are therefore no problem. Challenge us!

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