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Steel above-ground waste containers have been developed entirely in-house. From conceptual design and technical development in Eindhoven to production in Selmsdorf. English has everything in its own hands. Engels has developed its own line of aboveground containers, with the Casino and the Aero. No-nonsense products with a good price-quality ratio focused on quality with a simple design.

Above-ground waste containers are sometimes the best solution, because there is no need to dig. Going deep into the ground is not always desired by:

  • The cost price: the delivery and installation of concrete pits, especially when the water table is high, often costs more than the waste containers themselves.
  • The practicality: Cities have a lot of underground infrastructure. Water pipes, gas pipes, electricity and data cables, sewers and tunnels often make digging wells 2.5 meters deep.

Advantages above ground container:

  • Modular construction
  • Easy to install
  • Digging in is not necessary, a flat surface is sufficient
  • Adaptable to customer requirements
  • Functional and basic
  • Simple construction and therefore affordable in price
  • Textile insert flap
  • Galvanized materials for a long service life
  • Easy and quick to empty
  • Optionally provided with a text plate
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